About GATE BOOKS

    Our mission is to help parents convey

    an important message to their children

    during a memorable chapter of their lives.

    Our hope is that babies and toddlers will be able to

    happily say goodbye to breastmilk/formula.

    We believe that there are various situations and circumstances related to weaning. There is no single, correct method of weaning. Each and every mother and their family will have a different method. Some parents might be at loss when finding their own way of weaning their child. Our hope is that mothers and fathers will feel at ease by having a storybook on weaning that they can read to their children. We hope that your babies and toddlers will be able to happily stop breastfeeding/drinking formula by understanding what comes afterward – eating delicious, healthy food. This is our hope and how this storybook came about.

    We donate part of our proceeds to

    Plan International’s Because I am a Girl campaign.

    Plan International’s Because I am a Girl campaign aims to support millions of girls to get the education,skills and support they need to transform their lives and the world around them.Supporting girl's education is one of the single best investments we can make to help end poverty.

  • The Creators

    Four mothers came together and poured lots of love into this book.

    We would like to thank our wonderful friends and families for their constant support and encouragement.

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    President of a planning and design company that incorporates women’s perceptions, with a focus on “capturing women’s hearts.” She found weaning her son quite challenging and wrote this storybook based on her own experience.


    Gate Japan Inc.

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    Lives in Sydney. After graduating from a South African university, she worked as a reporter for a news agency for about 10 years, mainly in Tokyo. She currently works as a freelance writer, translator and editor. She is also qualified to teach English at Japanese primary schools.

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    After studying copperplate printing in Paris, she returned to Japan and became a freelance illustrator. Her illustrations are used in a variety of media including magazines, books and advertisements. She is the author of Delicious Watercolor Illustrations (Oishii suisai irasuto). Atelierstella

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    Ayumi Takamura


    After working as an office worker and for a website creation company, she became a freelance illustrator. Her illustrations are soft and gentle, encompassing various genres.